Molly Says

Friday, July 02, 2004

Roast Beef is so silly

I was lolling around in bed late today, kind of lazy, but mainly I was waiting for Gramma K to get into her bathroom routine so I could sneak out of the house without talking to her. I know she helped raise Beef and everything but she's pretty difficult to deal with. It's like she lives in a wholly separate world of concerns from everybody else, where it's always important to nag whoever is in front of you about the most mundane and unnecessary things you can think of. Hard to explain. Yesterday I was hanging out in the room while Beef went out to get us some chips and Tostitos cheese dip and diet Dr. Pepper, and I heard her warning him against walking too close to the creek because "if there are earthquakes the creeks are the first places to get pushed in."

Anyhow after I heard the shower start up and her rings clinking against the handicap-bars I snuck out of the house and went for a nice walk down to the Underground. The veggie sandwich at Quizno's is nice because they actually use sliced mushrooms and olives and when that bakes it gets nice and fragrant. Not the greatest food in the world but for three dollars it's hot and flavorful and not completely fatty. Much better than the Subway veggie thing. Oh, I'm not a total vegetarian, btw. I just knew that Beef was planning on barbecuing hamburgers for dinner so I went light for lunch. He is very proud of his particular hamburger recipe (it involves lots of dried spices, he says). Anyhow, talk to you later.