Molly Says

Monday, August 09, 2004

Sleepy Symphonies

Roast Beef is snoring SO LOUD. Along with the teeth grinding, the weird successive "puffs" he makes with his mouth, and the constant tossing and turning, he's a regular one-man band. I can't sleep so I was up AIM-ing Téodor and looking at some Pottery Barn curtains for the room. I guess it's the couch again tonight for me, which will be alright since Gramma K left an empty jug of Chablis on the coffee table. That means she'll be in bed until noon (she's pretty predictable this way).

What's been going on lately...we had a pretty nice date tonight. He was so corny about it: first he brought me flowers completely out of the blue, and asked if I would "perhaps join him" at King Tzu's at 7pm. It isn't 1936, Roast Beef! It was sweet, though. My man isn't the smoothest in the world, but his heart is there. Afterwards we went on a little walk around the underground and he kissed me right in front of this one fountain, like he'd been planning it as the most romantic spot for a kiss. I wish he didn't think so much about romance beforehand. Next time I go down on him and he's about to come, I'm going to stick my finger up his ass.