Molly Says

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Stand by your man...

Well, I got Beef into the make-out room but he had pretty severe performance issues. It went kind of like this:

MOLLY: Come on, Beef! Let’s have a quickie in the pool house!

BEEF: Oh dang lady you gonna land us in the soup !

M: No one’s looking! Come on!

B: Oh man not with all these people around please

M: Look, the door locks! No one will know! [I shut the door]

B: Man I can hear Ray's voice this ain't possible

M: Come on, Beef! Take me now! [I lower my top]

B: Wow if you think I can do that then you are amazing

At that point my feelings were pretty hurt and I hauled my top back up and stormed out. He didn't even follow me and try to apologize, he just went and played pool. For the rest of the party I hung out and danced with Téodor, but he was inside the whole time and I don't think he saw. We went home separately, me before him, and when he got into bed we just laid there on our separate halves, acting like neither person was there. Before too long he was grinding his teeth and I knew we weren't going to talk. He is such a brick wall, it's getting kind of hard to take.