Molly Says

Monday, August 30, 2004

Sweet Old Mr. Bear!

Roast Beef smoked out with Téodor and Lyle and that little Todd thing Friday night at Ray's, and I'm not really fond of pot, so I had to make my own way through the night. I ended up chatting for a long time with Cornelius, who is completely hung up on this Russian volleyball player named Ekaterina. It is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. He's taking language courses and jogging and reading everything he can about her sport and home town. He even knows her birthstone. He's tracking down her address so he can send her "letters of introduction"!

Then at the other end of the romance spectrum there's Beef, who ate about thirty-five tempura shrimp, threw up into the holes in a parked car's hubcap, and then insisted that he felt horny when we got home. I was not in the mood to have sex with something that just threw up, call me frigid. Two seconds later he was asleep with his arm in a bad position so I rolled him over and read Cosmo for a while.