Molly Says

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


I don't know why I called this entry "bronco." I'm sad. I've been sad for days. I've missed shifts. I've quit, if they ask. Tell them I've quit. I need a friend and I don't have one. Beef hasn't called in over two weeks, the whole time I've been here. I haven't seen or heard from him since I moved out. He's probably busy forgetting all about me, like I never existed. I'm a boy's trash. Yet again, I'm a boy's trash. I'm fucking thrown out on the curb, a Monday morning tiara. I guess I'll ride some bus somewhere and get another job and another apron. Thanks a fucking lot, Beef. Thanks for disappearing. Nice fucking knowing you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Atkins driving me crazy

Ugh, Tina's Atkins diet is driving me crazy. We can never order take-out together, and she can never eat anything that I cook. Plus, left to her own devices she eats the grossest crap imaginable. Yesterday for dinner she had Kraft singles wrapped around these pork sausages that she microwaved. I actually had to go to my room while she was sitting there smacking and chewing and watching The Bachelor.

Haven't talked to Beef in a while. I have this awful feeling that I might never hear from him again unless I make the first move, but then again maybe he's building a "Beef and Molly" website with a JavaScript rollover of his head that says "will you take me back"?