Molly Says

Friday, September 23, 2005

Saw Téodor at Trader Joe's.

Oh, hello blog! Wow, what's it been, eight months? Something like that. Anyhow, here's all the latest dirt that's important to no-one, not even me!

A few days ago I was down at Trader Joe's for coffee and that great Lingonberry juice they carry, and I ran into Téodor. He was out on one of his culinary test expeditions, coming up with all kinds of ideas for the raw pizza dough they sell. It's really neat to watch him when he gets into his foodie mode, because you can tell he's double-processing the whole time you're talking to him and sometimes he'll answer a question like "so what are you cooking tonight?" with "I can't remember if the frozen rock shrimp will tend to release steam as they thaw. Why don't I know this?"

We strolled around the store for a while, me with my basket and him with his heavily-loaded cart, and from time to time he'd come out of his brain-helmet and we'd actually chat about stuff. Beef is the same way -- try to talk to him when he's preoccupied with something and you just get a mumb-jumble of disjointed words. It's like working QA on the line at a bagel company but all the bagels going past you are shaped like hammers and sickles and you're not sure if you should say anything or just let the machines do their work.

Anyhow, he eventually got everything he came for and checked out, and I lingered over the fancy imported Argentinian dark chocolate bars for a while. I lingered over the chocolate bars because there was a particularly fit bicyclist rummaging around in the frozen fish bin next to mine, and he was a fine young manimal.