Molly Says

Monday, December 19, 2005

The ACHEWOOD A-LIST! ...for December 19, 2005.

December 19, 2005...Holiday's the ACHEWOOD A-LIST, with your host MOLLY SAYS!

Those who start the 5am shift at Starbucks see the night befores and the morning afters as they happen...we note that local scofflaws TODD SQUIRREL and NICE PETE stood shivering in Brainpan Alley (the gutter where the goop from the Foodland butchershop's armored door gets dumped in the wee hours)...were the jitters from the penetrating cold, or the icy retreat of Eddie Ephedrine? As is the case with most lucky Camels, they put the shared butt out and jittered off their own separate ways, sans much formal adieu. The slow, cold-weather turnover of Pete's van was heard a few minutes later, off over the rooftops, during which time Todd had crawled into a bag of McDonald's trash and no doubt rested his twitching head on a sachet of ketchup.

Next on the docket...sweet old Cornelius, who claimed to be out of Orange Pekoe, came in around six for a Tall Sumatra with room. He topped the brew off with nonfat and Splenda, then sat for nearly an hour hand-editing a nice leather folio full of writing.

Around seven thirty a taxi carrying Ray Smuckles stopped briefly at the light in front of our shop before shooting off...despite the fact that the light hadn't turned green (though Ray had). May be time to invest in companies that shampoo taxi-cab carpets!

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