Molly Says

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Achewood A-List!...for January 10, 2006.

January 10,'s the ACHEWOOD A-LIST, with your host MOLLY SAYS!

The Starbucks morning was the typical river of moms and contractors until who should come in but VLAD, a robot one wouldn't think got much benefit from caffeine. His curious head bobbed and swivelled this way and that, taking in every detail of the place, until the moment he got to the counter and tried to haggle over the price of a hot water and slice of pound cake. Once outside he packed the cake around an ankle joint and poured the hot water over it...guess the cold weather had stiffed him up a bit...lord knows our pound cake carries enough butter to lube a Freightliner...

Can you guess it? Coffee beverage of PETER H. "NICE PETE" CROPES, the main guy in town who can make you uncomfortable in under one second? No, you can't guess it. Because he changes it every day. And when he does order the same drink again (e.g. quattro venti Americano) he uses an accent. Like he's working on an alternate identity. Someone needs to tell him that ALL HIS ACCENTS SOUND LIKE A GAY SOUTHERN MAN WITH A LISP.

RAY came in for his depth charge...TÉODOR dabbled with the Tazo teas but went back to his doppio...and CORNELIUS has been making quiet eyes at the high school girl who works the Frappuccino station.

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