Molly Says

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Achewood A-list - - My Man's On It!

April 4,'s the ACHEWOOD A-LIST, with your host MOLLY SAYS!

I'd been telling people he was off helping out his brother Showbiz, but my R. Beef was busy masterminding the greatest victory in the history of the Great Outdoor Fight! A Nate Small and GOF fan since forever, he finally had his chance to shine. The night before he left he drew his and Ray's victory out on paper, and went over it with this particular Nate Small/GOF fan. It looked easier than watching rain fall into a bucket. He calls his system "Farming the Tides," but you didn't read that here.

He's back now, and eating an entire can of Texas Low-Sodium Chili with a poached egg and a little grated mound of cheddar cheese. It's one of his favorite meals, and I made it for him as soon as he woke up. He's already put in a request that we watch Barking Mad, order pizza for dinner, and unplug the phone. I'm all too happy to have him back.