Molly Says

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Achewood A-List! June 19, 2006

June 19,'s the ACHEWOOD A-LIST, with your host Molly Says!

STARBUCKS: I called it - after about two days of Earl Grey ventis, Ray gradually eased himself back into his signature 3-lb coffee drink. Like all sheep who have wandered from the fold, he overcompensated for a few and added "a couple doppios" to his High Systolic. Lately he's back to the regular concoction, but for a while it was exciting to ring up a single beverage that came to $17.60. No one else here has rung up any single beverage that costs as much as a CD.

This brings me, of course, to Charley "Little Nephew" Smuckles, who had the big crush on Sandy Liu, the roly-poly Chinese manager gal. He was busting his butt above and beyond the call of duty, and this finally caught on with her, and she brought her parents in to meet him. They weren't OK with his not being Asian, but she talked up his work ethic, and his rich family, and eventually they agreed that he could marry her. I'll keep you posted.

Beef, my man, forgot that he wanted to get me a new car. He's messing around with his guys this week, having some kind of contest to identify carpentry tools or something. I didn't read his email that closely.