Molly Says

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Achewood A-List! November 1, 2006

November 1,'s the Achewood A-List, with your host Molly Says!

Taking the Skinheads Bowling...actually, Beef and I took Philippe trick-or-treating downtown last night, where the shops all stay open "late" (until 7) and hand out candy to any kid in a costume. Philippe's costume this year? Yours truly spent some quality time with the x-acto knife and glue gun and put together a pretty dandy iPod with leg holes. The screen area was a cutout, so his face could show! Beef joked that he was playing a file called "corn_syrup_prisoner.qt" but I cut him off there. Nobody wants to have Halloween ruined by a grumpy nutrition cynic.

On our way home we ran into Ray, in full costume as a peacock with spats, a top hat, and a calling card. He said he was "Peacock Pimp: The Most Beautiful Pimp In The Ghetto," and I believed him. I asked Beef later, and he said that he had believed him as well.

After we dropped Philippe off at 62 Achewood Ct., Téodor and Sweet Old Mr. Bear invited us to stay in for a hot drink and snacks. We'll pretty much always try to stick around when Téodor's offering food. He's the kind of guy who will always spend a few extra dollars for the better ingredient when shopping. In fact, I think the challenge of cooking it right gives him a rush. Our noshes: artichoke hearts cut in thick strips and wrapped in some kind of paper-thin expensive Spanish ham...actually, my memory ends there, because they made a big pot of "Feuerzangenbowle" (sp?), some sort of flaming German wine/liquor drink, and I blacked out after two. Beef says that I was very nice and also very nice to him—three times on the way home alone!—so I guess I didn't embarrass myself too badly.

Today my body felt like a very lousy temple that could barely keep scrambled eggs inside of the front temple door, so I'm going to end it early. I'll see you...on the couch, with stringy hair, pajamas, and a bottle of bubbly water.