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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Achewood A-List! December 19, 2006

December 19,'s the Achewood A-List, with your host Molly Says!

WELLLL....ran into Téodor while Christmas shopping down at Hidden Hills! He was out getting a few trinkets for his housemates, and I was on the lookout for something swell for my man Roast Beef. Téodor had picked out some deodorant and a cheap 20-pack of disposable BIC razors for Lyle (he allegedly takes issue with Lyle's generally crappy hygiene, but wouldn't actually sign a document declaring it, I discovered after some interrogation), and a "wet banana" lawn water slide for Philippe. Actually, it wasn't really a Wet Banana wet banana, because those have been illegal in the US for years, but rather some Mexican knock-off called "El Plátano Mojado y Loco!"

Ray beamed himself out of Napoleon's and appeared on the sidewalk (I can't imagine him ever bringing himself to physically push the door open and leave) so we had a little chat about his Christmas plans. Apparently he got himself a subscription to the Hollandaise of the Month Club, to go along with his Ham of the Month Club and Egg of the Month Club. He thought it only made sense, and I had to agree. Why shouldn't one's monthly food clubs complement one another in some useful way? Maybe Beef and I will get him a membership to the Toasted Muffin of the Month Club, and all he'll need is a box cutter and a bloody mary. As Ray would say, "Daaamn, girl! Kinky synthesis!"

Ran into Lyle when I was picking up a little thingie of Jägermeister for Beef (he loves to drink an airplane bottle of Jäger and spout his mouth off to the "Tech Corner" of the local evening news). Lyle's Christmas plans? Apparently he's got some new band with the supremely discomforting Nice Pete, and they'd forgotten about Christmas. At the realization of an upcoming holiday, Lyle brightened and placed his bottle of Old Postman back on the shelf in favor of Jack Daniels.

That's all I know for now, Mollyheads. I'll let you know if Beef sees the xmas list I left taped to the fridge (it's one of those shiny metal ones that doesn't hold magnets).

Molly (Miss Lady)