Molly Says

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Achewood A-List! March 13, 2007!'s the Achewood A-List, with your host Molly Says!

Where have I been? Well, nobody around here has done anything very A-list in a while...unless you count Ray somehow converting from an ass man to a breast man. Personally, I think he's lying and that he was just overstimulated by too many asses (you should see this guy's cable package). He'll forget in a few months and come right back around to his beloved hoochie-mama bottoms again. What's Miss Lady's favorite part of a man? Let's just doesn't sweat, it doesn't have hair, and it isn't allowed to drive a car without a lot of special gear.

Todd got a ticket for premeditated speeding, which is a new one on me. It seems that if the squirrel police hear ahead of time that you're bragging about how you're going to speed later, they can pick you up. The world gets pretty dumb below knee level.

Saw Emeril and Spongebath doing some form of tai-chi exercises in the park. Emeril seemed to have his routine down pretty well, and did the whole thing with his eyes closed, a very calm expression on his face. At his side Spongey, sitting in his lark scooter, kept looking over to him and then kind of scooting back and forth in a crude, awkward approximation. That all the little ZIPs and grrrrrEEEs of his electric motor didn't throw Emeril off is remarkable. Well, it is worth that one small remark, and probably no more.

That's all I know for now, Mollyheads. Hopefully I'll have something for you soon -- Ray's threatening to throw "one hell of a bolumpus" party this Friday.

Molly (Miss Lady)