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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Achewood A-List! November 12, 2007!'s the Achewood A-List, with your host Molly Says!

Ray stopped by this afternoon — he didn't really say why, but I think he was trying to invite us over for dinner. Since Beef wasn't around, and I didn't know how late he'd be back, I think Ray felt awkward just inviting me over for dinner. That's just like him — kind of a "guy's guy," you know. He doesn't really know how to talk to women for more than two minutes unless he's got the bedroom as a goal.

RAY: [at door] Hey hey say what say say!

ME: Hey Ray! What's up? That a new tracksuit?

RAY: Daaamn, lady! You pimpin' much data on my threads! Yeah, it's the latest Fila. They sayin' Pelé sports this horrid baby when he watches TV this year. See, I had a little "P" embroidered on the cuff of my remote hand. [points]

ME: Wow, so you dress like a guy who is watching TV?

RAY: Ain't be that way with Pelé, baby. Dude is cement and glass, ten stories high.

ME: Since I don't know who Pelé is, I'll just have to say sorry and offer you a glass of wine.

RAY: Pelé is a guy who would want me to have that wine.

ME: [gets wine] So, what brings you over?

RAY: Oh, just coolin' it. Checkin' on my favorite engage-o's. Plannin' goin' well?

ME: We're holding out for summer. Beef's so nervous about getting rained out of our outdoor plans, he's not taking any chances. He thinks the middle of July.

RAY: That's cool, that's cool. Sunlight looks wonderful comin' off of hair. In wedding photos. You know, kind of 70s. Anyhow.

ME: Right, exactly. Would you like to stay for dinner?

RAY: Whatchu guys cookin'?

ME: Not much. Beef's out helping Emeril and Spongebath clean and store their patio furniture for the winter, and I was just going to microwave something light from Trader Joe's.

RAY: Damn. Definitely don't go to the trouble for me.

ME: It's really no trouble.

RAY: Seriously, I got some Trader Joe's lettuce cups at home I got to get to before they go brown. I was just gonna do like a sausage cups thing.

ME: Okay, cool. But you're always welcome, you know?

RAY: You are too good to me. You are a serious lady. You guys call me if you want to shoot some stick later, dig?

ME: That sounds fun! If Beef gets home before too late, I'll have him call you.

RAY: Rock on. Would be good to see you guys before I lose you two to each other!

ME: [hugs] Thanks for coming by.

RAY: It was nothin', mamacita.


- - -

Philippe called! It was so cute. He wanted to practice singing Happy Birthday and he thought I would have the nicest opinion. Not sure who he wanted to sing it to—if anyone—but it was kind of sweet.

- - -

That's all I know for now, Mollyheads!

Molly (Miss Lady)