Molly Says

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Meta-hair Day

There is this great photo of Angelina Jolie in this month's WIRED. She doesn't really have hair like mine but the stylist worked it so that it mimicked the way my hair (super thick, wavy, unruly) works when it's cut short, and I cut the photo out so that I could take it to my new stylist (when I find one down here, that is). My hair is really a handful and I always have a hard time finding a good stylist for it. Those of you who have a good stylist know what I mean: there's nothing worse than bouncing around between stylists who just don't have a clue what you're after or how to work with your particular type of hair. Also important though is to know what your hair will and won't do before you go in for your appointment, and also to let them know how much time you're willing to spend on maintenance each day.

Beef is back! He was out borrowing the first season of Curb Your Enthusiasm from Ray, and we're excited to get watching. I made us blueberry smoothies (I brought the blender into Beef's room so I wouldn't have to talk to Gramma K) and picked up some of those nice thick Santocho chips and fresh salsa.