Molly Says

Friday, July 30, 2004

Where have I been!

Sorry, blog! I kind of forgot about you this week. I've been kind of busy getting clothes and looking for a job and all of that. I didn't have a lot on hand when I showed up here and I finally got to the point where wearing the same cutoffs and top every day was getting pretty embarrassing.

Roast Beef says that there's going to be swing dancing at Ray's tonight, with free lessons beforehand! He's completely against dancing of any kind (he thinks he looks foolish if he so much as walks in a straight line, let alone expresses rhythm) so I've got my work cut out for me. We're going to practice a few basic steps here at the house before we even take the lessons, so he doesn't feel completely unprepared. I think I'm going to wear this fun Marilyn Monroe-type black sleeveless blouse that I got for fifteen dollars at Harrigan's, and a little black skirt to match, since it's going to be kind of a formal thing. I'm letting Beef get away with wearing a simple short-sleeve button-up that has martinis embroidered on either side of the chest (I picked it up for him because he owns absolutely zero respectable clothing).

Anyhow, wish me luck getting Beef out on the dance floor. I'll need all the luck you can spare.