Molly Says

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Moving = not so easy

Beef and I aren't really on the same page as far as what we're looking for, apartment-wise. He wanted to move into Ray's pool house, which I am really against. You can't have your friends be your landlords, it opens you up to all sorts of uncomfortable and potentially friendship-breaking situations. Ray is a great guy, and he'd probably never cause any problems, but you never know, and also that irritating Little Nephew shit is always there, waving his big hip-hop attitude around.

Beef also said that Mr. Bear might be moving out of Chris's house, which could be interesting. Téodor lives there, plus little Philippe and Lyle, so it'd be a pretty big party all the time, and rent would be low. I don't know, I kind of want us to have a place of our own. That week we spent on vacation together was really nice. I don't think I mentioned the moussaka that Beef made in Ray's kitchen...he's a really good cook when he wants to be.

Ugh, off to Applebee's. It's Kids Eat Free night...shoot me now.