Molly Says

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

New Hairstylist!

Surprise of surprises, that Lyle guy actually knows how to cut women's hair! He was doing a clipper-cut on Beef today and when I walked into the kitchen to get a Hansen's he immediately took out his shears and spray bottle, told me to stand still, and in like three seconds he had taken all kinds of dead weight off of my bangs. When he finished with Beef he insisted that I sit down in the chair for some more work. He snipped a few strands here and there to see how it would hang at different lengths, then he shampooed and conditioned me with a really trained touch. After that he took matters into his own hands and pretty soon I looked just like Lillian Gish! If you have thick, wavy hair like mine then finding someone who understands it is like finding the decoder ring for the Rosetta stone.

He even pulled a blow dryer out of his bag and started setting some curls here and there. I couldn't believe it. Pretty soon we were talking about color treatments and now I have an appointment for Friday! We're going to do it over at Ray's house because Ray actually has an in-house salon room with a shampoo bowl, hydraulic chair and drying station. As pathetic as Ray seems sometimes, it sure is handy to live near him.