Molly Says

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Wow too much barbecue

Roast Beef stayed up late watching FoodTV last night and decided he was going to slow-cook meats all day over his barbecue. This gave him tons of time to work on his sauce, and he made the best sauce I have ever tasted in my life. Plus since he was barbecuing Gramma K stayed in her room the whole time with terrycloth bath towels push-pinned over the windows to keep out the carcinogens. Extra-secret double bonus.

Then we went over to Ray's for dinner and drinks and Ray was grilling too. He had gotten this really nice shi-shi (sp?) mail order meat which was way better than the stuff Beef had bought, and Beef felt like he had to keep making observations about his ribs versus Ray's ribs. It got kind of annoying so I went and talked to Téodor for a while. He's really interesting, and we hung out for a long time talking about music and stuff. Then Beef finally wandered over after like an hour, pretty drunk, and I tucked us in on the fold-out couch in the pool house. I was pretty impressed that Ray had a full set of nice, clean, matching linens in his pool house, but then again I don't know too many people that rich. Maybe that's normal.