Molly Says

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Nowhere to go but Wendy's

Well, I guess that's actually a pretty lateral move, but anyhow me and Taco Bell have parted ways. It's not entirely my fault that I got fired today, but I'm not going to press the issue.

I was on floor duty for the first time, and I wasn't quite sure where I was and wasn't supposed to mop. I did the prep line, and the dining area, and behind the counter, and the bathrooms, and the dishwashing station. The only place left was the manager's office, and since I had seen Mr. Reilly duck out back to have a smoke in his Buick I figured I didn't need to knock. I must have lost track of time -- he was in there with Huarez, the night shift drive-thru guy. I guess they'd been cultivating some sort of Romance Among the Beans, because when I barged in they were going at it pretty hot and heavy. The really bad part about me wandering in there is that the door to Mr. Reilly's little office faces the dining area, so about fifteen patrons were treated to a pretty graphic display of what happens when two men who work at Taco Bell fall in love and try to make a baby.

All Mr. Reilly could do was look back over his shoulder and scream "You''re FIRED! You're FIRED!" I figured that since I couldn't get any more fired than I already was, I'd leave the door propped open with the mop bucket so that the people in the dining area could see what happens when two men who try to make a baby at Taco Bell try to pull their pants on in a room barely big enough for a file cabinet and an old computer.

I'll probably try to get a job at some stupid deli sucks not having a social security card.

Oh well, I should buck up and look on the bright side. At least I can tell people that I've seen live gay sex.