Molly Says

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Picnic a la Boeuf

Tips at The Smoke have been really good lately, so I treated Beef to a nice picnic down along the creek. I went to Pullardi's deli and got this big circular sandwich that he's always dreaming over, this big layered cold cut thing with maybe five different sliced meats, green olive spread, provolone cheese, and a layer of roasted peppers. They cut it into wedges like a pizza, and it makes six really good-sized servings. He'd never order it on his own, but I can tell he wants it worse than anything, and that means that if it finally shows up in front of him he'll just break down and enjoy it. Especially if it's sitting next to a big glass of cold white wine. He's been really into white wine lately, ever since he started staying at Ray's. I think he's discovered that some white wines are really sweet and fruity-tasting, and that's a whole big thing with him. Usually after we drink red wine at Ray's Beef complains about how everything tasted like bark and why couldn't we just have had Coronas, etc, but with white wine it's different, and I'm all for him being happy.

To go along with the sandwich I got him some macaroni and potato salads from the grocery store. I don't really like macaroni or potato salads, since they're so full of mayonnaise, but he loves the hell out of them, as he would say, so that was the menu.

"I love me the hell outta some macaroni and/or potato salads," he would say.

I know you're probably waiting for the part of this post where everything went horribly awry and he got an allergic reaction to the sandwich he had always been dreaming of eating, but it actually went really nicely, and the weather was warm and lovely, and the creek smelled like sun-baked foxtails, and no one bothered us, and we just got to sit there and talk and laugh while we had our cold white wine. I stayed over at his place that night and we fell asleep in each others' arms, nice and tired from all the sun and the cold white wine.