Molly Says

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

So long Smoke.

I got pretty tired of all the crap you have to deal with at The Smoke, and about a week ago I told Kelly I was leaving. I got a better bartender gig lined up at Butte, this upscale tex-mex-? place, where you don't have to clean the lavatories or break up fights. It's a wannabe celeb-chef deal with the chef's name under the restaurant name on the marquee. Piyaugh Barnabae. Where in the hell does someone get a name like Piyaugh Barnabae? Anyhow, his thing is that he uses a lot of Navajo and Crow ingredients (acorn, buffalo, trout, venison) in traditional French dishes and he's getting a rise out of the local press. He even had his wife quit her job after Butte was featured on local cable tv so that she could manage their PR. The ground buzz is that a few national cable shows are on their way to do segments and Piyaugh has had us all working with acting coaches so we don't make him look bad.