Molly Says

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Tina: Elegant Lady.

So Tina decided she was going to have a sophisticated woman-of-the-world day after she saw Oprah recommend it on TV yesterday. It was something to do with raising your self-esteem. You're supposed to dress up in your most luxurious PJs, curl up on the couch and surround yourself with things that are just a bit nicer than usual (e.g. Godiva, caviar, champagne, indulgent movies, etc).

For Tina this meant putting on some JUICY sweats that her friend left over, an old white Champion sweatshirt of Ray's (Ray had used some hot sauce to spell MEET ME AT TACO HELL across the chest, and you can still faintly see it), and sitting on our plywood-frame cheapass couch with a little tub of Safeway egg salad and a spoon. The elegant lady mixed herself some Bacardi and Diet Coke (zero carbs) and paged through this wrinkled copy of People that Beef had brought home from The Smoke. If I hadn't known it was her Elegance day, I would have thought it was her pre-bathtub-suicide feast. I swear that girl is trashy.